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Parent Testimonials

"Your words have great power.  Use them to support and inspire." 

From KN

My 2 year old and 4 year old sons have had the honor of attending GPA for only 5 weeks so far, but I can't wait any longer to provide a review.

It took this mama heart a looooong time to consider enrolling them in any child development center. I even stepped into a remote option for my career so I could stay home with them since birth. That coupled with Covid made it very hard for me to surrender, but I was burning out and we all desperately needed additional help.

GPA was referred by a close family friend and after we toured the school, there was no need to check out any other. It's immediately apparent that not only are the teachers very experienced, dedicated, and compassionate, but the whole staff has great protocols in place to ensure they maintain a safe, Covid-free place. It's clear that safety is their number one priority.

Another important thing to note, the boys had a hard time dealing with separation anxiety. There'd even be tears and screams as soon as we entered the parking lot in the beginning. But no matter how emotional they were and no matter how long it took, the teachers were all so patient, understanding, respectful, and well experienced and equipped to handle a wide range of emotions. We have been met with smiles and cheer from the boys during every pick up. Not to mention, the teachers were all so reassuring to us parents too, messaging and sending pictures to ensure our peace of mind.

I'm forever grateful for how much the hearts at GPA have poured into my boys. They've grown so much in such a short amount of time. It was our prayer that we'd find a place where our boys could thrive and the teachers would care for them as their own. GPA has been the answer to many prayers and our hearts couldn't be fuller thanks to them.

From LA

My 4 year old just graduated preschool at GPA and we loved this school. The teachers are amazing - shout out to Ms Yessica, Ms Rena, and Mr Angus for all that you do! I liked how the staff was communicative, schedules were flexible and everyone was very genuine - overall a great experience for my little one to enter the social and academic setting.

From BN

Teachers are very nice and dedicated and it clearly shows. The admins are also very understanding and very easy to work with.
They have good programs and turned my kids from having behavioral problems to well-behaved and responds well when we have to coach him on something.
I am very grateful to the teachers at GPA and will probably have my kid paying them a visit to thank them properly after a vaccine is out and life goes back to normal.

From KV

GPA is the best!! We loved it there! Both of our sons attended Little Lamb with Ms. Yessica and Ms. Jenna. They learned a lot through play, music, and story time. ALL the teachers and staff were very patient, loving, and caring toward the children. They were like family to us. 

This is a play based school which is awesome and much more natural than other schools in the area where too much academic as the main focus. We wanted our kids to enjoy their childhood while learning through play as there will be time (very soon) when life can get very serious. Sadly, we had to move kids to another school nearby home because we couldn't commute 30 mins each way every day. Six months later one of my kids still mentions about his teachers and his friends and wishes to go back. I feel so guilty for pulling him out for our convenience. 

Anyway, we love you guys!!!!

From KH

I love and appreciate this school in everything they had taught our two kids.  We have been here for a total of 6 years, 3 years for each child and it has always exceeded my expectations.  

The little lamb class (2-3 years old) are very nature by Ms. Yessica and Ms. Jenna.  They help potty train the kids, cuddle with them when they cry and pat them during sleep time.   My little one even calls Ms. Yessica mommy when she was 2 years old.  I love the emails, it  tell us what the little ones are learning.   They text us when they know we need answers right away.   

The growing sheep (3-4 years old) help kids become more obedient to Ms. Reena.  She is nice but made sure kids are polite and follow the rules.  She has 5 kids so she knows how to run the classroom without having them trying to whinny and teach them to speak properly.  My little one is often a whiner but in her class she makes them speak their feeling instead of whinny.  She actively posts pictures for us to see each week is a big plus.  

The soaring eagle (5 years old) gets them ready for kindergarten.  Ms. Maria is a very knowledgeable, caring, and a great listener.  My daughters learn so much from her including all the months in the year, all the days of the week and etc.  She makes us feel like family by inviting the class to her house for a PJ party and yearly party for the parents to connect.  I love her emails, it tells us what they learn and includes at-home activities for them.  She did so much more than I can put in one writing.

You can't run a successful school without Sandy and Winnie.  Sandy keeps the staff stay well connected and connect with the parents when there's a concern.  Winnie is awesome by saving me a few times I forgot lunch and in need of last minutes daycare or extended care.  She's always very responsive and on top of all the admin questions.  

Thank you so much for a wonderful 6 years at Gateway!

From JR

There is no better feeling than seeing your little one happy to attend preschool. As a parent, its natural to worry about who is providing care for your child and gateway has been patient and kind with my lil one bring me peace of mind.  Staff are all very respectful and loving to the kids. My little one has thrived in his social and communication skills by attending gateway. Thank you gateway for all the kindness and support shown to my lil one and family. For those looking for a daycare gateway will give you a sense of peace when you drop off your child.


From CL

My 5 years old niece recently moved from another preschool to Gateway Preschool Academy and we immediately see the difference. She explicitly expresses that she is glad that I chose this school for her and she loves it immediately. She simply loves all the teachers whom she has met during the first week. After few more weeks of observation, I realize that the teachers really care about the kids' whole being: mental health, character development, and learning through play. Daily curriculum is very well planned and organized. One day she shared with me that she had watched a frog at school and they fed it with flies. My niece couldn't explain it very well as she struggles a bit with her bilingual verbal skill. But her excitement from learning new things is contagious.  This is truly a gem in the neighborhood. I would recommend it to all my friend as long as it is not too far from their homes or works.


From HY
When my son turned 3.5 years old, I was anxious to find a great school suitable for him. He was spoiled by grandparents, had bad temper and didn't play with other kids well. At the time, I also placed high value on academics, such as reading or math, not really understand what is the most important thing for younger kids until I found GPA. Here is what I like most about this school:


1. This school uses Church buildings, has spacious and clean classroom dedicated for each class. I felt so bright, comfortable and safe the first time I visited the classroom. Unlike a big room shared by several classes, this setting provides home feeling and has little distractions or traffic.

2. The teachers are far more exceptional. They know how to talk to kids, using gentle but assertive voice to teach kids the rules or resolving conflicts. Each teacher has loving heart and will always try to figure out how to work with my kid for his special needs. Even when my kid showed bad temper, they would never yell or punish my kid. They will talk to him gently, show him the right way, and go to library corner to read to calm down if needed. So my kid in school knows how to calm himself down by directing himself to read rather doing hurtful things.

3. They include Science curriculum for everyday. They have a new topic each week to explore different concepts, such as pulley, color, etc. Kids are learning from fun hands on experiments and educational toys.

4. Excellent communication. Teachers always available for parents' questions or inquiries. They even write down things happened during the day so that parents are fully aware of kids' behavior. When I told the teachers that my kid like to know schedules in advance and will cooperate well, they listened and tried and it worked out beautifully. It is like a team working on a child's development collectively and all have genuine interest in his development. They don't treat kids with difficult behavior as burden, but an experiment with lots of love and care.

5. Low teacher to student ratio. The ratio is about 6-7. Students are not rushed through schedules and always have enough helping hands available. I feel at peace in this school.

6. It is a very well organized school and always trying new ways to improve. Outside playground you can always find something new and interesting. Inside the classroom, they have many different educational toys.

7. Bible teaching. they incorporate bible study each day. Kids learns characters from bible stories, such as honesty, love, etc. They are essential building blocks in kids value development.

I am sad to take my son out due to work relocation after less than 1 year. I hope this review is helpful for you as this school and teachers are just hidden jewels. 


From EF


Many of us have learned that becoming parents is not a natural process at times, we are not given a class or a manual of how growing families THRIVE. I personally was challenged in that department, growing up and taking up a demanding career as a business woman. There were decisions that made me face some of my fears and doubt on how to raise and how to prioritize my life and my families future.

When we found GPA, not only did we find a loving and dynamic environment that my son fell in love with, but they embraced us as parents too when we had to face and deal with many self revelations of our shortcomings as parents. They offered their support for Eli and for us, they are not just a daycare facility, not at all.

Kids need life teachings that build them through discipline and  academic stimulation, BUT MORE importantly in school and at home.





From NP
Gateway Preschool Academy is the best! As a fulltime working single mom... it doesn't get better! The GPA and Church are all every welcoming and friendly. The director Sandy is amazing! They all have great communication!  One mom told me "I like the way they talk to the children.... I have been looking for somewhere for so long". And when they opened she said "Yes!" As a mom, you want the best for your child... even while you're at work. For my son and I, GPA is it!  My son just turned two. Since being at GPA he already started counting on his fingers and up to 5! They pray together and have lunch "family" style. Every Sunday parents receive a weekly update via email. The email explains what's new and what they will be learning. They sing! Dance and pray together. I highly recommend GPA! Can't wait for our 1st field trip. 


From LY
I was a full time stay-at-home mom until I started working part time this year. GPA is truly an answered prayer. The staff and teachers at GPA truly love the Lord and they see my son as their own. My little one who is three is thriving in his Little Lamb class. He even met his best friend at GPA and talks about his friends all the time. Teacher Grace is gentle and kind and I can see that she absolutely adores her students.  Teacher Shamiram is nurturing and light hearted and I often find her laughing away with her students.  When I drop off my son, I don't feel like he is going to school, but to extended family who loves him and who wants the best for him. What more can I ask for! 


From CC
Our fourth child goes to Gateway Preschool Academy. My older children attended different preschools before. I like GPA the most. The program is very rich and the facilities are splendid. I especially impressed that my son could retell the bible stories and explain the science vocabularies. He learned so much more than I expected. He enjoys going to school everyday. The teachers have very good communication with parents. They pay attention on children's need in all areas. 


From HS

GPA is not only focused on taking care of my kids at school, but they give both my children the tools to keep discovering & learning at home. All the teachers are experienced, and are all really excited to be with the kids. My kids really love the field trips, especially to Pizza My Heart. They also enjoy the science and art classes. I really appreciate how emphasis is placed on my kid's spiritual growth as a child of God, and how I as a parent can be more in tune with God's desire for my children. 


From AC
GPA teaches and nurtures my daughter. When she comes home she loves to share about the new songs she's learning. Singing, dancing and arts are her favorite activies there. I truly appreciate the care and attention placed on my daughter and the focus on spiritual growth by starting their day with TWAs.


From HV

My daughter loves to go Gateway every day.  She enjoys all her wonderful friends and is learning a lot.  She gets really excited on Tuesdays because of the dance class. She is learning so much, more than what we can do for her at home.  It's worth the long drive everyday from where we live, and the tuition is so affordable. The teachers go out of their way to prepare the children for kindergarten and I know my little girl will be ready for kindergarten next year.  Most of all, I appreciate the life-long values these loving teachers are giving to my little girl everyday. -HV


From JC

The teachers are committed in investing their time and energy to instill good morals, and biblical principals with engaging activities. Our daughter especially enjoys learning new songs-- in English and Chinese! She also enjoys the painting and participating in art projects. The utmost importance in choosing a preschool for our daughter is trusting the teachers. We trust the teachers and the staff here at GPA to provide the best education and learning experience for our daughter. GPA receives our highest recommendation!

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