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Growing Sheep Classroom:   2 - 3 years old

The Growing Sheep Program serves children 2 to 3 years of age. To be eligible for this class, children must be 2 years old at the time of enrollment.  Potty training is NOT required. Diapers and Pull-Ups are permitted. The teacher to child ratio in this class is 1:6. The class has a capacity for 12 children.


This classroom is play-based as children are learning to separate from parents for the first time and socialize with peers. Children learn to speak, understand personal hygiene, grow in independence and most importantly experience God's love through our caring teachers. Teachers support the academic, social emotional, and physical growth of each child, setting the classroom with interest based and thematic activities, allowing children to experiment with new activities daily.


Core Value Curriculum

Each morning, children gather to sing songs and receive a Core Value lesson based on a biblical story. The Core Value curriculum is a "Character of God" study.  Each week, the Growing Sheep will hear a new bible story with a title "God is...." or "Jesus is....". The Growing Sheep enter a time of response by engaging in hands-on learning experiences to further deepen their understanding of God's character.

Academic Learning

The Growing Sheep class utilizes emergent curriculum to inspire curiosity, excitement and intrinsic motivation in their journey to becoming lifelong learners.  Emergent curriculum allows us to engage children at that precise moment when they are most captivated, activating moments of spontaneous learning.

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