Soaring Eagles:  4-5 years old

COVID-19 UPDATE:  During this season, the Soaring Eagles Classroom has merged with the Growing Sheep Classroom.   Two teachers will collaborate together to lead one classroom with two developmentally-appropriate learning groups.  Maximum capacity:  21 children.

This classroom is center-based, allowing children to engage in an activity/station of their choice.  Teacher lead children through a daily program which involves bible time, snack time, academic learning, science experiments, and outdoor play. Teachers support the developmental growth of each child, providing interest based activities to meet our curriculum goals, expanding the mind and experiences of children.

Core Curriculum
Bible Time: Each morning, children gather to sing songs and hear a bible story. The Bible curriculum traces through the Old Testament. One bible story is repeated at least 2 days so each child can hear it more than once. After bible time, children go to the table to "journal" on their reflection sheet. They are given opportunities to trace the key bible word for the day and respond to the bible story through a reflection question. Many of our children's sheets are filled with scribbles, but each scribble means something significant. Teachers make every effort to document what each child has put on paper. Teachers write a specific blessing for each child every day.

Academic Units

Measurement & Mapping, Neighborhood Habitat (Birds/Eagles), Thanksgiving, Community Helpers, Christmas, Properties of Matter, Friendship, Butterflies, Frogs, and Simple Machines.

Soaring Eagles Daily Schedule