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Soaring Eagles:  3-4 years old

The Soaring Eagles Program serves children ages 3-4 years old. To be eligible for this program, children must turn 3 on or before Sep 1, and fully toilet trained. The teacher to child ratio in this class is 1:8. The class has a capacity for 16 children.


This classroom is center-based, allowing children to engage in an activity/station of their choice.  Children are led through a daily program which involves bible time, snack time, academic learning, science experiments, and outdoor play. Teachers support the developmental growth of each child, providing interest based activities to meet our curriculum goals, expanding the mind and experiences of children.

Core Value Curriculum

Each morning, children gather to sing songs and receive a Core Value lesson based on a biblical story. The Core Value curriculum is derived from the life of Jesus.  After engaging with the story, our students enter a time of response by utilizing a variety of writing instruments to reflect on  how the core value connects to them and their community.


Academic Learning

Soaring Eagles will use Science Start, a nationally renowned child centered curriculum that incorporates all developmental domains for a whole child learning experience. The Growing Sheep will cover the topics of: Measurement & Mapping, Movement and Machines, and Neighborhood Habitats.

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